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How can I set up Autoload?

How can I set up Autoload?

Setting up Autoload is fast and easy! All you need to do is follow the steps listed below – and as always, if you have any questions our support team is a phone call away!

1. Login to your Mydoh Parent Account
2. Tap the ‘Wallet’ button on the bottom bar of your homepage
3. Select the “Set-up Autoload” Banner
4. Select the cadence for your Autoload. Would you like for an Autoload request to be sent to your recipient (even if it’s you!) on a regular basis, or when your balance hits your selected amount?

Regular Basis: If you select to be reminded on a regular basis, please select the cadence at which you would like the request to be sent (ie: every week, 2 weeks, etc.)

Balance is Low: Select the dollar amount at which you would like to have your Autoload triggered at. For example, if you select “When my balance drops to $20” an Interac Money Request will be sent to your chosen recipient to load more funds once your balance drops to $201

5. Once you have selected the cadence for your Autoload, please fill in the following:
– Request this amount: Enter the amount of money you would like to request
– From: Choose an existing recipient or add a new one for the Interac Money Request (even if it’s you!)2.
– Notify Recipient by: Choose whether you would like to notify the recipient by email or SMS.

4. Tap  ‘Setup Autoload’ to complete the setup. 
5. Success! Your Autoload request will be sent at the cadence which you have selected.
You’re all set! In your wallet tab, you should see a green banner indicating that your Autoload is active. You can edit or cancel your Auto-Load at any time.

1. The default value for “When my balance drops to” is $20, and it works in increments of $5. The minimum value is $10 & the maximum value is $100.
2. You can select one of your existing recipients, or add a new one!
3. You can request anywhere from $1-500.