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How does Autoload work?

How does Autoload work?

Mydoh’s Autoload feature is designed to automatically trigger an Interac e-Transfer Money Request as soon as the parent wallet balance falls below the threshold of the parents choosing, or at a cadence of the parent’s choosing.

The request is sent to the email of the recipient that was selected (even if it is the parent themselves). From there, they can accept the request and deposit funds into their account.

For parents who have selected an Autoload request when their balance falls below their chosen threshold:
1. If a parent’s balance is already below the defined threshold at the time they have set up Autoload, the Autoload request will be sent immediately. 
2. If the wallet balance falls below the selected threshold while the parent is logged into Mydoh, an Autoload request will be sent to the chosen recipient shortly after the parent logs out of their account.
3. If the wallet balance falls below the defined threshold while they are logged out, an Autoload request will be sent to its chosen recipient instantaneously.

Please note: If a parent already has a pending Interac Money Request, they will need to cancel the request before enabling Autoload.

For help setting up Autoload, just click on the associated link! To speak with our support team, please send us an email via or contact us through the in-app chat.