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Sending Money to your Child

What is Pay Day and how do I manage it?

What is Pay Day and how do I manage it?

Pay Day is every Saturday. It is the day your kids receive their pay for the tasks they’ve completed throughout the week, as well as any allowance that has been set for them. Either way, it’s a great day!

When you set up a task, be it recurring or one-off, your child will always get paid on Pay Day (every Saturday), provided they have completed the task and updated it in the app.

Pay Day occurs between 9am to 3pm EST, and 6am to 12pm PST on Saturdays! We completely understand how it would be more beneficial for kids to receive their pay first thing in the morning, and this is something our tech team is diligently working on making available in the near future. ‍

Note: Please remind your kid(s) to go in to the Earn tab in the app and mark off their completed tasks by Friday to ensure payment on Pay Day.

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