How do I activate my child's Mydoh Smart Cash Card? | Mydoh

Managing the Mydoh Smart Cash Card

How do I activate my child’s Mydoh Smart Cash Card?

Activating your child’s Mydoh Smart Card is easy!

Digital Card – Your child’s digital card will be activated as soon as they sign up and log into their Mydoh account.

Physical Card – Once you receive your child’s physical card in the mail, it can be activated in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log on to your Mydoh Parent Account (not your child’s account).
  2. Scroll to the appropriate child’s name and tap ‘Manage Card’.
  3. Select ‘Activate Card’ and then enter the Activation Code found on the letter you received with your physical card!

Voila! Your child’s physical card is now ready for in store purchases 🙂

Note: Kids can only use the app when they have been invited by a parent.