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How did we choose topics in Mydoh Play?

How did we choose topics in Mydoh Play?

We take the selection of topics very seriously, which is why we constantly ask ourselves “What do we wish we knew about money sooner?” The answer? Quite a bit!

At Mydoh we start with the basic and fundamental financial topics in order to lay the groundwork for what is to come. These are topics such as how to budget and save. From there we build upon each specific topic in terms of difficulty, but also introduce many other topics including everything from banking to economics!

We highly encourage you to take advantage of our play feature with your family, and follow along with your kids learning. You can also check out our Money 101 section on our website, as well as our blog which offers tons of insightful articles and conversation starters that cover a huge range of topics!

If you have any questions or suggestions about what you would like to see from our Play feature, we would love to hear from you at Happy learning!