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Add a parent to Mydoh for free.

Now you can add a second parent to your Mydoh account at no extra cost, with just a few clicks, right in the app.

Adding a second parent means you can share the responsibilities and tools to raise money-smart kids. Each of you can set tasks for kids, pay them when they’ve completed the tasks, set a weekly allowance, and add funds to your kids’ accounts. You can also track goals and spending—together. Get the whole family involved.

How to add a Parent

add a parent step 1

Go to “Settings”

add a parent step 2

Select the

‘Family Profile’ option

add a parent step 3

Click "Add new"

add a parent step 4

Select "Parent"

add a parent step 5

Fill in the required details

mydoh family banner

Head to the Mydoh App 
and add a second parent to your account today!

Features available
to parents

Add/edit tasks & allowances
Feature available
Feature available
Send money to child
Feature available
Feature available
Add money to shared wallet
Feature available
Feature available
Lock/unlock child's card
Feature available
Feature available
Withdraw money from shared wallet
Feature available
Feature available
Invite kids
Feature available
Feature not available
Cancel child's account
Feature available
Feature not available
Order physical card
Feature available
Feature not available

Check out our blog for more
information on adding a second parent.


Get Mydoh for the whole family

Up to 2 parents and 5 kids at no extra cost.

Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

After the trial, Mydoh is just
$2.99 per month


Mydoh is a digital app with a Smart Cash Card that helps kids learn and practice money management, while giving parents transparency and oversight. We believe that money conversations need to start early and Mydoh helps make the process easy and fun!

Here’s how it works:

1. The platform

Mydoh encourages kids (with a little help from their parents) to build better money habits. The digital and physical Smart Cash Card makes it easy to track in-store and online transactions.

2. Parents

Mydoh provides parents with oversight: Fund your kid’s card, view their balance and spending activity, react and start conversations, teach the value of earning through chores – all in real time.

3. Kids

Mydoh makes it easy for kids to track their spending using the Mydoh Smart Cash Card. They can see their household chores, get paid on Pay Day and even get reminders!

The Mydoh Smart Cash Card is a reloadable digital and physical Visa Prepaid Card for kids, issued by Royal Bank of Canada. This means there is no interest rate charged or risk of debt, since kids can only spend the money that is available on their card’s balance which their parent’s provide.

Parents can send money to their kids’ Mydoh Smart Cash Card through the app, up to the allowable limits. Kids can use the card to make purchases online, and/or in-store with their physical card or with Apple Pay. All purchases are subject to allowable limits. Mydoh is currently available on iOS for iPhone 6 or later, with version 10.3 or newer and Android phones with Version 8.0 or newer. The Smart Cash Card cannot be used with Google Pay and Samsung Pay at the moment. ‍A few additional details about the Mydoh Smart Cash Card:

  1. Card balance is available on the app header next to the profile picture. Funds are not CDIC insured.
  2. Card terms and conditions are available at:
  3. For specific questions about card terms and conditions, please call 1-888-696-9364.
  4. The card is reloadable.
  5. Funds on the card do not expire. Your card expires at the end of the month of the expiry date associated with your card. The remaining balance on your original card will be placed on your new card at no additional cost.

Download the Mydoh app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Click on the parent sign up and follow the prompts.

When logging in for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign up with your RBC Online Banking account or with your Government ID to verify your identity; don’t worry, this is completely secure!

After logging in, you can invite your kid(s) and add money to your Mydoh Wallet from your RBC account or Interac e-Transfer.

Your kid(s) can also download the app to view their Smart Cash Card balance, allowance and the tasks you assign them.

If you have any problems, let us know, and we would be happy to help!

Note: For Government ID, we currently accept a valid Canadian issued passport or driver’s license from AB, BC, MB, NS, ON, or QC.

After you have invited your kids to Mydoh, they can activate their account by following these steps:

  1. Help your child download Mydoh from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Select ‘Child Sign Up’.
  3. Enter their invite code or use the link in their activation email to confirm the account.
  4. Confirm their personal details, create a password, and agree to the terms.

There you go, your kids will be ready to start earning and spending with their Mydoh Smart Cash Card!

Note: Kids can only use the app when they have been invited by a parent.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

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