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Setting up Mydoh

What is Mydoh?

What is Mydoh?

Mydoh is a digital app with a Smart Cash Card that helps kids learn and practice money management, while giving parents transparency and oversight. We believe that money conversations need to start early and Mydoh helps make the process easy and fun!
Here’s how it works:

1. The platform
Mydoh encourages kids (with a little help from their parents) to build better money habits. The digital and physical Smart Card makes it easy to track in-store and online transactions.

2. Parents
Mydoh provides parents with oversight: Fund your kid’s card, view their balance and spending activity, react and start conversations, teach the value of earning through chores – all in real time.

3. Kids
Mydoh makes it easy for kids to track their spending using the Mydoh Smart Cash Card. They can see their household chores, get paid on Pay Day and even get reminders!