Money App & Smart Card
for kids and parents

Mydoh helps kids learn money skills and practice them safely in
the real world — you have oversight.

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What makes Mydoh Smart Card so smart?

The secure Mydoh Smart Card comes with the Mydoh money management app*. Your kids can learn and earn through Mydoh tasks, and build confidence and spend responsibly with the Mydoh Smart Card, and you can oversee it all from your Mydoh parent account!

How Mydoh Works

How Mydoh works, Invite kids

Invite kids

Download Mydoh from the App Store and easily set up accounts for you and your kids in minutes.

How Mydoh works, add funds

Add funds

Securely add money from your bank account or RBC personal credit card to your Mydoh Wallet.

How Mydoh works, send money

Send money

Set weekly allowance, create one-off or recurring tasks, and send money to your kids’ Smart Card.

Everything you need, in one app

Lock card

Tasks & Allowance

Introduce your kids to regular income — no fumbling for cash.

Pay day

Pay Day

Kids get paid every Saturday. It’s a really good feeling!



You’re in control. Send money and manage their accounts.

lock card

Lock Card

Lock and unlock your kids’ cards anytime. You hold the key.



Your kids can learn money basics — and it’s actually fun!

Royal Bank of Canada logo

Seriously secure

Kids can safely spend in-store1 and online up to allowable limits with their Mydoh Smart Card issued by Royal Bank of Canada and powered by Visa.

*The RBC Visa Prepaid Mydoh Smart Card (“Mydoh Smart Card”) is a digital card that can be used to pay for purchases online or in-store at retailers that accept Visa contactless (tap) payments with your mobile device. Parents can load, and children can access, up to a maximum of $500 per day on their Mydoh Smart Card.
1. Kids can pay in-store with their Mydoh Smart Card anywhere Visa and tap is accepted.

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