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Mydoh App Terms & Conditions

1. Reading, Agreeing and Keeping a CopyThese terms are legally binding.

In these terms and conditions (Terms), we, us and our mean Royal Bank of Canada, and you and your mean the person who uses a Device to access the Services through the app (App). These Terms govern your access and use of the App and the Services. The Smart Cash Card Terms & Conditions govern your use of your RBC VISA Prepaid Mydoh Smart Cash Card (Card).

Our Services are designed for two types of users: parents or legal guardians (“Parent Users”, “you”, “your) and their children (“Child Users”). Parent Users and Child Users are collectively referred to as “Users”.

Read and click the button to agree. You must read and agree to these Terms, which are a legally binding contract between you and us, before you can use the App and access the Services.

By clicking the button on-screen, you confirm that:

(i)         you are the age of majority in the place where you live or if you are not the age of majority in the place where you live, you have been invited by your parent or legal guardian to access the Services,

(ii)         you have read and agree to these Terms,

(iii)        if you are a Parent User,  you also accept these terms on behalf of any Child Users you invite to use the App,

(iv)        if you use Remote ID Verification for account opening purposes, you have read and agree to the terms in section 4 below. Please note, to use this technology you will be asked to share a picture of your Government issued ID and an image you take of yourself (i.e. a selfie). This information would be retained between 90 days to 1 year, and then destroyed. The use of this technology remains optional.

These Terms take effect on the date that you click the button on-screen. You (as the primary Parent User), as well as any second Parent User or Child User(s) you invite to use the App cannot use the App or access the Services unless you have read and agreed to these Terms. If any  Child User(s) you invite to use the App add their Prepaid Card to a third-party mobile wallet, you accept on their behalf the “Notice for Royal Bank of Canada (“Bank”) Customers Enrolling in a Third-Party Mobile Payment System” (a copy of which is posted at

Keep a copy of the Terms. You can print or save these Terms using the print or save function in your browser. We will email you a copy of or provide a link to these Terms at the email address you provided when signing up for the Services.

No changes to other agreements. Unless expressly provided otherwise herein, these Terms do not replace any other agreement you may have with us or any RBC companies (now or in the future), including any consent or preference regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. All of the terms of your other agreements with us or any other RBC companies continue to apply.

Please see the definitions section at the end of these Terms for any other capitalized words not otherwise defined.

2. ServicesWhat is the Service and how does it work?

Under these Terms, the Services means the features, functionality, content and information provided by us via the App and include any services that may be provided by Service Providers and Third Parties.

The Services currently available to Users through the App include:

  • A money management app to help Parent Users enable Child Users to learn money values and skills, such as:
    • Earning: allows Child Users to accumulate funds through transfers made by Parent Users to their account (i.e., one-time or recurring transfers)
    • Learning: allows Child Users to learn money management basics through financial literacy related content;
    • Spending: allows Child Users to make point of sale (POS) purchases, using the balance available on their Card;
    • Saving: allows Child Users to manage Savings Goals and track their progress.  When funds are allocated to Savings Goals, the corresponding balance is protected and unavailable for immediate spending. Child Users may at all times transfer funds out of Savings Goals to be accessible for spending. The Savings Goals feature offered as part of the Service is not a savings account. Users will not receive interest or other earnings on funds that are allocated to Savings Goals.

Some of the Services may be provided in whole or in part by Service Providers and Third Parties. 

The Services and the App may not be accessible at all times. In addition, functionality, features, content or information may change, and may not always be available.

3. Codes. What Codes are and rules for using them.

We may in our sole discretion provide welcome, referral or promo codes (Codes) to earn amounts credited to a Parent Users Mydoh wallet (Reward). Additional terms may apply to each Code, including limits on who may use a Code and limits on the time period in which a Code may be used.

We may provide a Parent Users with an existing Mydoh wallet (Referring User) an opportunity to invite known friends and family members living in Canada with whom they have a personal or family relationship who are of the age of majority in the province in which they live (Referred User).

For purposes of this section, (1) “personal relationship” means the individuals have had direct, voluntary, two-way communications and it would be reasonable to conclude that they have a personal relationship, taking into consideration any relevant factors such as the sharing of interests, experiences, opinions and information evidenced in the communications, the frequency of communication, the length of time since the parties communicated or whether the parties have met in person; and (2) “family relationship” means the individuals are related through a marriage, common-law partnership or any legal parent-child relationship and those individuals have had direct, voluntary, two-way communication.

Referring Users must follow all applicable laws and only use Codes for the intended purpose. Referring Users must tell a Referred User that the Referring User will receive a Reward for a Completed Referral, as defined below.

Referring Users may not directly or indirectly:

  • distribute Codes in bulk,
  • use automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute Codes,
  • send a commercial electronic message with a Code to people with whom they do not have a personal or family relationship or otherwise distribute a Code in a way that would constitute an unsolicited commercial electronic message or spam under any applicable law or regulation;
  • duplicate, sell or transfer a Code in any manner;
  • send a Code to themselves, create more than one account for the purpose of earning amounts credit to their Mydoh wallet;
  • make any false or misleading representations related to Mydoh; or
  • use the Mydoh logo or represent themselves as us.

To complete a referral, a Referred User must successfully

  • use the applicable Code when creating their Parent Users Mydoh wallet before the end of the applicable Referral Year;
  • fund their Mydoh wallet; and
  • create a Mydoh account for their child (Completed Referral).

For the purposes of this section, “Referral Year” means the period of time beginning on June 1 and running to and including May 30 of the immediately following calendar year.

We reserve the right to approve or reject Referred Users in our sole discretion. Subject to 8 of these Terms, we may change Rewards or modify any related terms at any time for any reason without prior notice to you and without liability to us.

After a Completed Referral, a Referring User and Referred User will each receive a Reward as applicable. Referring Users may earn the following amounts for each Completed Referral in a Referral Year to a maximum total Reward of $400: (1) $10 each for Completed Referrals 1 and 2; (2) $20 each for Completed Referrals 3, 4, 5, and 6; and (3) $30 each for Completed Referrals 7 to 16 (inclusive). A Referred User will receive a Reward of $10 and may only ever earn one Reward as a Referred User.

LevelMax. Completed ReferralsReferring User RewardReferred User Reward
12$10 per Completed Referral$10
24$20 per Completed Referral$10
310$30 per Completed Referral$10

An amount credited as a Reward may not be withdrawn from a Mydoh wallet for 30 days after it is credited. If a Referring User or Referred User closes their account within 30 days, the Reward will be deducted from their withdrawn funds.

We reserve the right to review all amounts credited in relation to Codes. We may withhold, deny, deduct, cancel or limit the number of Codes made available to you and any amount credited in the event we, in our sole discretion, determine that any use of a Code was in error, abusive, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these Terms. Subject to Section 8 of these Terms, we may cancel an amount credited or disable a Code at any time for any reason without prior notice to you and without any liability to us. Nothing in these Terms or in the relationship between a Referring User or other provider of a Code (Code Provider) and us will be construed, implied or deemed to create a partnership, joint venture, principal and agent relationship or employer and employee relationship between a Referring User or Code Provider and us. A Referring User or Code Provider does not have authority to act for or on behalf of us.

4. Remote ID Verification. How will we use your ID and/or image?

By accepting these Terms, you agree that this section will immediately apply to you if you decide to use our Remote ID Verification service in the App. If you do, we will capture and retain information from your government issued I.D. and may prompt you to use an image you take of yourself in order to use our technology to verify your identification and facilitate the account opening process or any other process you are undertaking with RBC for which ID verification is required.

Your information may also be used to manage our risks and operations, prevent fraud or misuse of funds and to improve our technology, and may be shared with our regulators to fulfil legal requirements or Service Providers to provide the Services (including the Remote ID Verification service).

An image of your I.D. and the image you take of yourself will be retained until the verification process is complete, following which, all images will be destroyed after 90 days. If you have completed the ID verification, but then abandon or cancel the process you are undertaking with RBC, information from your ID will be retained up to one year.

If you do not want us to capture and retain information from your ID or your image:

  • you may provide your RBC online banking login credentials to verify your identity by clicking “Verify with RBC instead” if you are an RBC Client; or
  • please exit and do not continue with the Mydoh account registration process.

5. Costs, Fees and Related Charges. Do I have to pay service fees?

The fees to access the Services available through the App, are set out at For fees related to the Card, please refer to your Smart Cash Card Terms & Conditions ( We may change the amount of our fees as the App or the Services develop.

You are responsible for all costs, fees, data plans and related charges associated with your use of any Devices, and they are not reimbursable by us.

6. Communication. How will we contact each other?

You can contact us at We will contact you and provide notices using the information you provide through the App. Except as provided below in the “Notices and Changes” section of these Terms, email is our primary method of communication. When we use email, we will send you electronic correspondence, including notifications, to the email address you provide to us through the App. It is your responsibility to keep your email address up to date. You understand that if you do not keep your email address up to date, we may not be able to complete the signup process or otherwise contact you.

If you do not wish to be presented with promotional content: (i) via email, please change your communication preferences on the App; or (ii) via the App, please request to have your profile deleted by contacting us at Changes to your communication preferences for promotional content will not change how we communicate with you for non-promotional content related to the Services.

7. Termination. How can you or we end these Terms?

Termination by us Except for Quebec residents, without prior notice and for any reason, we can (i) suspend or terminate your use of the App and access to the Services, and (ii) terminate part or all of these Terms or the Services. For Quebec residents, we will notify you of any termination of these Terms at least 60 days before the date of the cancellation if you have not defaulted on your obligations under the Terms. If you have defaulted, we may immediately terminate your use of and access to the Services. We are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience that may result in such suspension or termination. If we terminate your use of the App, we will refund the Primary Parent User the fees paid for the month in which the termination occurs.

Termination by you – To delete your profile and terminate your use of the App and access to the Services and these Terms, you can contact us using the contact information provided in the “Communication” section of these Terms. We will not refund fees paid for the month in which termination occurs. The second Parent Users can only terminate their own access and cannot terminate the account of the primary Parent Users who invited them or the Child Users.

8. Notice and Changes. How will we tell you about any changes?

Notice – Any notice may be given to you through the App or pursuant to the “Communication” section of these Terms.

Changes Except for Quebec residents, we can change (add, remove or alter) any part or feature of the Services or these Terms, without giving you notice. For Quebec residents, we can change (add, remove or alter) any part or feature of the Services or these Terms, by providing at least 30 days written notice setting out the new or amended clause as well as the clause as it read formerly, the date of coming into force of the amendment and your termination rights. In the event of such a change, Quebec residents may terminate this agreement without cost or penalty by email at or phone at 1(888) 696-9364 within 30 days of the amendment coming into force. Terminating these Terms will also terminate the Smart Cash Card Terms & Conditions. Following any change by us, these Terms will continue to apply to all or parts of the Services. Subject to legal and regulatory requirements, we can also change these Terms by giving you notice of the change to the email address you provided when signing up for the Services, either before or after the changes take effect. When giving you such notice we will also provide you with a copy of or a link to the updated Terms. If you use the App or access the Services after we have notified you of a change, you are deemed to have reviewed and accepted the new version of these Terms.

9. Instructions and Security. You are responsible for decisions you make when you are signed in and for the security of your information.

You will be required to provide your email address and Sign-In Credentials to access the Services. You authorize us to accept and you agree to be responsible for any instruction given by you or purported to be given by you using your Sign-In Credentials. Any instruction will have the same legal effect as if it was a written instruction and signed by you.

You are responsible for keeping your Sign-In Credentials confidential, and you must not disclose them to anyone. We will not be responsible for any losses that may result if you share or lose your Sign-In Credentials. When using the App and accessing the Services, you agree that you will take all steps necessary to ensure that you do not reveal any confidential information to anyone other than us. This includes making sure that other people cannot see your Device screen.

You must also:

• Sign out after each session to prevent anyone else from accessing the App and the Services;

• Not leave your Device unattended while signed in to the App and you must use reasonable steps and precautions to protect your Device against loss or theft;

• You may only use any biometric ID feature on your Device as long as no fingerprint(s), or other biometric identities besides your own are registered on the Device and no one else knows your Device passcode or sign-in credentials for your Device. If you enable the biometric ID feature on your Device, you agree that only your fingerprint(s), or other biometric identity are registered to use the biometric ID feature on your Device to help protect the security of your profile and information, and to help prevent unauthorized transactions;

• Use reasonable security measures which include up-to-date virus scanning software and a firewall system, if such security measures are available for your Device; and

• Comply with any additional security requirements that we may require in connection with the Services.

10. Service Providers and Third Parties. Other entities help us provide the Services or offer Third Party Services.

We may use Service Providers and Third Parties to provide or to assist us in providing the Services, Service Provider Services or Third Party Services, and other than RBC companies, we do not sponsor or endorse any Third Party and we are not affiliated or associated with any Service Provider or Third Party.

When using the App and accessing the Services,

• You may use Service Provider Services solely for your own personal use;

• You may not sell, distribute or otherwise use Service Provider Services or other information from the App or the Services, and you may not permit such distribution or use by anyone else; and

• You may not provide or make available any Service Provider Services to any provider of products or services similar to those products and services provided by the Service Providers.

You understand and agree that (i) your use of any Third Party Services is at your sole risk and may be subject to the terms and privacy policy of the Third Party and (ii) Third Party Services are provided “as-is” and “as available”, and that we expressly disclaim all warranties (express and implied) in connection with any Third Party Services and all information, products and other content included in or accessible from any Third Party Services, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Service Providers retain all ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights, in Service Provider Services and to their trademarks and logos that appear on the App and in the Services. Nothing in these Terms, the App or the Services should be interpreted as conferring any right for you: (i) to use Service Provider Services in any way other than as expressly permitted in these Terms; or (ii) to use any Service Provider trademarks or logos.

You agree that we, Third Parties and Service Providers may use information and content you provide through the App and the Services to create use and distribute statistical, profiling, performance or operational reports about the App and the Services. These reports may be shared with Third Parties, in which case, the information in the reports will not be attributable to you.

11. Referral Fees. We may receive fees when we refer you to Third Parties.

A Third Party may pay us, or we may receive from a Third Party, directly or indirectly, a referral fee when we refer you to the Third Party and you elect to purchase or obtain products or services from the Third Party. The amount of any referral fee paid or received for referrals will not affect the fees paid or payable, if any, by you to us or to the Third Party.

12Privacy. Information we collect and how we use it.

You authorize us to collect, use and disclose your information in order to provide you with the Services.

Note: the collection, use and disclosure of the information obtained through your use of the Remote ID Verification service is governed by the terms in the Remote ID Verification section, above.

Collecting your personal information

We may from time to time collect information from and about you such as:

• information establishing your identity (for example, name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) and your personal background;

• information for the provision of the Services;

• information for the provision of any other products and services;

• information you provide on an application for any products and services;

• information related to transactions arising from your relationship with and through us, and from other financial institutions; and

• information about your financial behaviour such as your payment history and creditworthiness.

We may collect and confirm this information during the course of our relationship with you. We may obtain this information from a variety of sources, including from you, from service arrangements you make with or through us, from credit reporting agencies and financial institutions, from registries, from references you provide to us and from other sources, as is necessary for the provision of the Services and any products and services.

You acknowledge receipt of notice that from time to time reports about you may be obtained by us from credit reporting agencies.

Using your personal information

The information we obtain from and about you may be used from time to time for the following purposes:

• to verify your identity and investigate your personal background;

• to open and operate your account(s) and profile on the Website and provide you with products and services you may request;

• to provide you with the Services described in the “Services” section of these Terms;

• to better understand your financial situation;

• to determine your eligibility for products and services;

• to help us better understand the current and future needs of our users;

• to communicate to you any benefit, feature and other information about products and services;

• to help us better manage our business and your relationship with us;

• to maintain the accuracy and integrity of information held by a credit reporting agency; and

• as required or permitted by law.

For these purposes, we may:

• make this information available to our employees, agents, independent contractors and Third Party Service Providers, all of whom are required to maintain the confidentiality of this information in accordance with these Terms and applicable laws;

• share this information with other financial institutions; and

• give credit, financial and other related information to credit reporting agencies who may share it with others.

In the event a Third Party Service Provider is located outside of Canada, the Third Party Service Provider is bound by, and the information may be disclosed in accordance with, the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Third Party Service Provider is located.

Upon your request, we may give this information to other persons.

We may also use this information and share it with RBC companies (i) to manage our risks and operations and those of RBC companies, (ii) to comply with valid requests for information about you from regulators, government agencies, public bodies or other entities who have a right to issue such requests, and (iii) to let RBC companies know your choices under “Other optional uses of your personal information” for the sole purpose of honouring your choices.

Other optional uses of your personal information

• We may use the information we obtain from and about you to promote our products and services and promote products and services of Third Parties we select, which may be of interest to you.

• We may also, where not prohibited by applicable laws, share the information we obtain from and about you with RBC companies for the purpose of referring you to them or promoting to you products and services which may be of interest to you. You acknowledge that as a result of such sharing, RBC companies may advise us of the products or services they provide to you.

• We and RBC companies may communicate with you through various channels, including telephone, email or mail, using the contact information you have provided to us.

• If you also deal with any RBC companies, we may, where not prohibited by applicable laws, consolidate the information you provide to us with information RBC companies have about you to allow us and RBC companies to manage our respective relationships with you.

You may choose not to have your information shared or used for any of the “Other optional uses of your personal information” described above by contacting us as set out below, and in this event, you will not be refused credit or other services just for that reason. We will respect your choices not to have your information shared or used and, as mentioned above, we may share your choices with RBC companies for the sole purpose of honouring your choices regarding “Other optional uses of your personal information”.

Your right to access your personal information

You may obtain access to the personal information we hold about you at any time and review its content and accuracy, and have it amended as appropriate; however, access may be restricted as permitted or required by applicable laws. To request access to such information, to ask questions about our privacy policies or to request that the information not be used for any or all of the purposes outlined in “Other optional uses of your personal information” you may do so now or at any time in the future:

  • if you are not an RBC Client, by contacting us at; or
  • if you are an RBC Client, by contacting 1-800-769-2511 or visiting your nearest RBC branch.

Our privacy policies

You may obtain more information about our privacy policies by visiting

13. Compliance and Prohibitions. Appropriate use of the App.

Your use of the App and access to the Services must comply with these Terms and all applicable laws.

When using the App and accessing the Services, you will not:

• Provide untrue, inaccurate or incomplete information;

• Use the App or access the Services for any illegal, fraudulent, malicious, harassing or defamatory activity or purpose;

• Use any robot, spider or other indexing device when using the App or accessing the Services;

• Use any part of the Services to provide internet, service bureau, outsourcing or third- party services or redistribute all or any part of the Services;

• Take steps or actions that could or do undermine the security, integrity, effectiveness, goodwill or connectivity of the App or the Services (including illegal, fraudulent, malicious, defamatory or other activities that threaten to harm or cause harm to any other person); or

• Reverse engineer or reverse compile the source code for the App or any of the service technology.

14. Ownership. You can use it, but you can’t keep it.

We grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferable single-user (non-concurrent) license to use the App, in accordance with these Terms. At any time, and at our sole discretion, we may limit, restrict, suspend, declare a moratorium on, or terminate your ability to access the App, or any of the Services, or both; and with notice to you, we may end the terms relating to the App, including the Services. If these Terms are terminated, you will destroy all copies of the App and all copies of any documentation for the App then in your possession. The grant of this license may not be assigned by you unless agreed upon in writing by us.

We retain at all times all ownership rights, including without limitation, copyright, in the App. You agree not to copy, reproduce, transfer copies or reverse engineer the App and not to disclose or distribute the App to Third Parties. We have no obligation to provide any training, maintenance, or other assistance for the App.

We are the owners, or licensees, of all intellectual property rights subsisting on each screen made available through the App. Unless otherwise indicated, trademarks and logos, and all works, including texts, images, illustrations, software, HTML codes, audio clips and videos appearing on the Services are our property, or those of our licensors, and without our express written permission, may not be reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted, distributed or modified, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever, except for personal and non-commercial use, including viewing, printing or archiving of electronic copies of your App activities, in accordance with these Terms and as we may further instruct you. Nothing in these Terms or on the App is to be interpreted as conferring a right to use our works, trademarks or logos in any other way, or those of any RBC companies or Service Providers.

15. App. Rules for downloading the App.

By choosing to install the App on your Device for the purpose of accessing the Services you consent to the installation of the App and any future updates or upgrades to the App. You may withdraw your consent by deleting the App from your Device. Our mailing address is 20 Bay Street, 17th Floor, Toronto, ON M5J 2N8.

16. Push Notifications. We may sometimes need to send information to your Device about the

Services, this is how we’ll do it.

You authorize us to send push notifications to your Device in relation to the Services. In order to enable or to disable push notifications, you must adjust the settings on your Device. You understand that push notifications are unsecure and not encrypted and can be read by others if you allow them to view your Device. We provide push notifications for convenience and information purposes only.

17. Voluntary Participation. Your decision to use the App is yours and yours alone.

Your use of a Device to access certain of the Services through the App is voluntary. You may access the Services without using the App. If you choose to use your Device to access the Services by installing the App, you warrant that you are the legal owner of your Device.

18No Representations or Warranties. The App and the Services are provided “as is”.

We are providing you with the App and the Services on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we do not make any representations or provide any warranties concerning them. Without limiting the foregoing, we expressly disclaim all warranties in connection with the App and in connection with the Services, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

19. Liabilities and Indemnities. Read this carefully—it limits your right to sue us.

You are solely responsible for all information or content that you give us through the App, the Services and the Third Party Services.

We and RBC companies will not be responsible for any loss, damage, harm, injury, delay or inconvenience suffered or incurred by you with respect to: (i) these Terms, the App, the Services, the Service Provider Services or the Third Party Services, (ii) any instruction given to, by or purported to be given by you, using Sign-In Credentials, in connection with the Services, the Service Provider Services or Third Party Services, or (iii) any products or services you obtain or purchase from us, a Service Provider or a Third Party to whom we refer you, or otherwise. Such losses, damages, injuries, delays and inconveniences include, without limitation, (i) direct, incidental, indirect, consequential, special, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages, (ii) loss of data, profits, information, opportunity, revenues and goodwill, and (iii) any other business interruption, commercial or economic losses. The foregoing limitation of liability applies regardless of the cause of action, even if we or an RBC company have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

In addition, in no event, even if we are negligent or any RBC company is negligent, will we or any RBC company be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you that is caused by any one or more of:

• The actions of, or any failure to act by a Third Party or Service Provider (and no such Third Party will be considered to be acting as our agent);

• Mistakes, errors, omissions, inaccuracies or other inadequacies of, or contained in the Services, Service Provider Services or Third Party Services or any data given by you to us, any RBC company or any Third Party or Service Provider, including your failure to update;

• Any delay, error, interruption or failure by us, any RBC company or any Third Party or Service Provider to perform or fulfill any of our obligations to you due to any cause beyond our control or their control, any system malfunctions or any technical failures;

• Unsecured communication being inaccurate, intercepted, reviewed or altered by others, or not received by you;

• Your access to the Services, Service Provider Services or Third Party Services, including, without limitation, any delay or inability to access the Services, Service Provider Services or Third Party Services;

• Your failure to receive or view any communication that has been presented to you, and we will not be responsible, and no such RBC company will be responsible, for any delay, damage or inconvenience that such failure may cause; or

• Your failure to fulfill any of your obligations under these Terms, including those in the “Security” section of these Terms, or to comply with any instructions we may provide to you from time to time in connection with the App and the Services.

You release and indemnify us for any claim, cost and liability incurred: (i) as a result of your use of the App any of the Services, Service Provider Services and Third Party Services; or (ii) as a result of your breach of these Terms.

20. On-Screen Terms. Terms shown on-screen form part of these Terms.

There may be terms, conditions, instructions or disclaimers related to the Services, Service Provider Services, Third Party Services, or Offers displayed on the screens in the App, or when you click on icons or links on the App screens. By using any of the Services or any Offers, you must access and agree that the terms, conditions, instructions or disclaimers apply to your use of or access to the applicable Services, Service Provider Services, Third Party Services, or Offers, in addition to the terms and conditions of any other applicable agreements.

21. Records. Electronic records = paper records.

Our records, including electronic records, including those of any Service Providers (whether used by them or us), regarding the App or the Services, including the retrieval, consolidation, organization and presentment of information, are final and conclusive. These records will be admissible in any legal, administrative or other proceedings. Furthermore, electronic data and records will be admissible as conclusive evidence of the contents of those records in the same manner as original paper documents. You waive any right to object to the introduction of any such electronic data or records into evidence.

22Electronic Agreement. Clicking = signing with a pen on paper.

These Terms and any related terms, conditions, instructions, disclaimers or documents may be accepted in electronic form and your acceptance is binding between you and us. Neither you nor we will contest the validity or enforceability of these Terms and any related documents because they were accepted or signed in electronic form.

23. Assignment and Severability. Contract law stuff.

If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms. Our failure to enforce strict performance of any provisions of these Terms does not mean we have waived any provision or right. Neither the course of conduct between you and us, nor trade practice modifies any provision of these Terms. We may assign or transfer these Terms on notice to you. You may not assign or transfer these Terms or any of the obligations or rights under these Terms to any other person.

We have the right at all times to assign any or all of our rights and obligations under these Terms to an RBC company. The Services may then be delivered by the RBC company to whom we assign these Terms.

24. Language / Langue (For Québec residents only – Pour les résidents du Québec seulement) You acknowledge you have been offered the choice to enter into this agreement in English or French. You have selected to enter into this agreement in English, after being provided with the French version. Therefore, you agree that this agreement and any document related to it, including notices, will be in English only.  Vous reconnaissez vous être fait offrir le choix de conclure  cette convention en français ou en anglais. Vous avez choisi de conclure cette convention en anglais, après avoir reçu la version française. Par conséquent, vous acceptez que cette convention et tous les documents qui s’y rattachent, y compris les avis, soient en anglais seulement.

25.  Interpreting and Enforcing This Agreement. What law applies?

This agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws of the province or territory in which you reside (or the applicable laws of Ontario if you reside outside Canada) and the applicable laws of Canada. In the event of a dispute, you agree that the courts in the province or territory where you reside shall be competent to hear such dispute and you agree to be bound by any judgment of that court.

26. Defined Terms. What does everything mean?

Device means any mobile device, computer or other devices you use to access the App and the Services.

Offers means any offers, rate discounts or promotions of a Third Party presented by us as part of the Services.

RBC means Royal Bank of Canada.

RBC Client means an individual who holds at least one personal deposit account with Royal Bank of Canada (excluding savings accounts and U.S. dollar accounts) or a personal RBC Royal Bank credit card.

RBC companies or RBC company means RBC, its direct and indirect subsidiaries and their successors and assigns. While we are an RBC company, in these Terms, a reference to RBC companies or RBC company will not include us.

Services means the Services as defined by the “Services” section of these Terms.

Service Provider means a party retained by us to act on our behalf to provide, or to assist us in providing, the App and the Services.

Service Provider Services means content and information contained in the Services provided by any Service Provider.

Sign-In Credentials means passwords, personal verification questions or other information required to access the App and the Services.

Terms means these terms and conditions.

Third Party means any party other than you, us or a party when acting as a Service Provider.

Third Party Services means any products or services provided by a Third Party that can be used or accessed on or through the App or a Third Party that we refer you to for other products and services.