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May 02, 2023
Used by 100,000 Canadians, Mydoh releases Canada’s first personalised prepaid Visa card, in an effort to make learning about financial literacy more fun and engaging
Oct 19, 2022
That’s where Megha Sharma comes in. She’s the co-founder and CTO of youth money management app Mydoh, a venture born within RBCx that uses tech to help teach kids real world money skills. As a young woman in tech, herself, Megha knows all too well what kind of obstacles girls face when trying to enter this field.
Oct 12, 2022
Mydoh survey finds that practical and fun applications of money management – 'active learning' – could be key to raising more financially adept youth and helping to reduce financial anxiety
Oct 12, 2022
A majority, or 65 per cent, of Canadian parents say their own parents’ relationship with money has directly impacted their financial lives, according to a survey released this morning by Leger for Mydoh, a money management app for young people backed by the Royal Bank of Canada.
Sep 21, 2022
The Mydoh app and Smart Cash Card make it easy for kids to gain real money skills, while helping them build a strong foundation for the future.
Sep 18, 2022
Until now, there hasn’t been an intuitive budgeting or money-saving app for kids and adults. Enter Mydoh – a smart money-saving app with a prepaid, reloadable Visa Debit card that teaches kids about money at a young age and helps them become financially literate.
Aug 18, 2022
Teaching your kids fundamental money skills is easy if you have the right app. There are dozens of money apps out there, but one I like is Mydoh, a money management app that allows kids to make their own earning and spending decisions. These choices are essential for building a solid financial foundation.
Mar 24, 2022
Want your kids to excel at managing their finances someday? Here’s how to get started on teaching kids about money.
Mar 08, 2022
A Toronto-based company is using an app to teach kids about earning and managing money, while easing the burden on mothers who typically manage the household work.
Jan 05, 2022
Mydoh: RBC’s new app teaches kids about money basics, helps them earn money from chores and offers advice on spending it wisely. It all starts from a parent account.
Dec 22, 2021
The first mass campaign from an RBC Ventures brand is for an app that digitizes allowance to teach kids financial literacy.
Dec 21, 2021
The launch campaign for Mydoh (pronounced “my dough”), a money app and card product launched by RBC Ventures in August that teaches kids about money basics, while providing parents with tools to set spending limits and track spending activity. RBC Ventures houses a collection of 14 products providing offerings that go beyond Canadians’ typical daily banking needs.
Dec 09, 2021
An example of current tech for teaching kids to save is Mydoh, an app developed by Gaurav Kapoor, a tech guy who has worked in banking, with help from a division of Royal Bank of Canada called RBC Ventures.
Aug 31, 2021
These five apps can help to streamline the weekly chore chart by tracking tasks and transferring allowance payments
Mydoh’s inclusive culture permeates with passion for their people and their purpose.
Mydoh is an interactive, hands-on, money management app that allows parents to teach their kids sustainable and basic money skills, as well as manage their chores, through a gamified platform.
One of the best ways to teach the value of money is through smart saving, spending and giving. Mydoh can help.
In 2016, I built my first product in personal money management for adults; however, I noticed a foundational gap in financial literacy in teens and youth, due to the lack of education and practice at a younger age. This is what inspired me to create Mydoh, a money management app and Smart Cash Card that helps parents help their kids build good money habits now, that will last a lifetime.


Aug 29, 2022
Mydoh is a digital app with a Smart Cash Card that helps kids learn and practice money management, while giving parents transparency and oversight. We believe that money conversations need to start early and Mydoh helps make the process easy and fun!
Aug 05, 2022
One woman's journey of choosing love over hate. Meet Sammer Haq, a young Muslim woman who turned her passion for youth empowerment into action. Listen how Sammer is helping to bridge divides between cultures.
Gaurav Kapoor, CEO & Co-founder of Mydoh, breaks down where to begin when discussing finances with your children.
In this podcast, Megha and Angelique give a brief about Mydoh and discuss the ideation process of the app and how it came to life. Angelique explains what the #MydohChoreChallenge is and discusses the importance of giving and how it relates to financial literacy.


Aug 25, 2022
Maureen Dennis joined Global News Morning to share tips on how to help your kids succeed no matter their age.
Mar 23, 2022
Global News Morning chats with parenting and lifestyle expert Maureen Dennis. Maureen shares her tips for inspiring young leaders.

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