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Mydoh is a digital money management app with features to set up allowance and tasks to help kids learn the value of money. Plus, you’ll have insight into your kids’ spending and can react with emojis to encourage smart spending habits.

Your child’s Mydoh Smart Cash Card is issued by Royal Bank of Canada. Mydoh does not store your child’s card information and only securely displays it when your child asks for it. That means even Mydoh employees can’t see your child’s Smart Cash Card details!

When displaying your child’s card information, Mydoh encrypts all the data in transit, and only decrypts it for display purposes. Every time your child’s card details are requested, Mydoh keeps record of it for potential fraud and auditing purposes.

If your child has an iOS device and adds their Mydoh Smart Cash Card to their Apple Wallet, it’s all done automatically and provisioned by RBC and Visa systems without any manual intervention, ensuring card details always remain secure.

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Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

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