How It All Works

Your kids learn money basics by earning their own money with Mydoh Tasks and Allowance, and spending it wisely using their Smart Cash Card. And, it all starts from your Parent Account.

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From Your Parent Account You Can View and Manage

  • Set up tasks and allowance
  • Send your kids money instantly2
  • Track earning and spending
  • React to transactions with emojis
  • Lock and unlock kids’ cards
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This is How Your Kids Build Smart Money Skills

  • Manage their tasks
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Spend with their Smart Cash Card up to the allowable limit
  • Set a savings goal
  • Track earnings, spending, and see balance
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Mydoh Tasks and Allowance

There’s always so much to be done around the house. With Mydoh Tasks, you can easily assign chores and get your kids involved.

They learn the value of earning their own money, and you get a dishwasher that seems to load and unload itself. 😉

It’s easy to track whether tasks are complete or overdue, and once they’re marked as complete, kids get paid on Pay Day – which happens every Saturday!

Earning their own money can change the way kids think about saving and spending.

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Mydoh Smart Cash cards

Mydoh Smart Cash Card

Both the classic and custom Mydoh Smart Cash Card come with a money management app designed for kids and parents.

Kids can make purchases — online and in-store1 —up to allowable limits anywhere that accepts Visa. Plus, you have a clear view of all their activity and can give them encouragement and guidance.

With the freedom to make real-world spending decisions, your kids can learn the value of money and gain a sense of independence as they start building a healthy relationship with money.

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Mydoh Saving

With Savings Goals, kids can build a savings habit with ease and make smarter financial decisions. They can save by setting up a goal in the ‘Goals’ savings bucket.

Kids can name the goal and set a target amount and date for the goal to be achieved. They can also choose to just save without a target date or amount in the ‘General Savings’ bucket.

With Mydoh savings, money can be moved from ‘Spend’ to ‘Goals’ or ‘General Savings.’ Kids can also move money between ‘Goals’ and ‘General Savings, and the money has to be moved to ‘Spend’ before a purchase is made.

Get Into Savings Goals
Mydoh features

One less subscription to worry about.

No monthly fees means extra pocket change to go towards helping your kids earn, spend, and save.

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