How it all works

Your kids learn money basics through Play, earn their own money through Tasks, and spend it wisely using their Smart Cash Card. And, it all starts from your Parent Account.

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Your Parent Account

From your parent account, you can view and manage all activity:

  • Set up tasks and allowance
  • Send your kids money instantly2
  • Track earning and spending
  • React to transactions with emojis
  • Lock and unlock kids’ cards
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Your Kid's Account

This is where your kids will do all that learning, earning, and spending. They can:

  • Manage their tasks
  • Mark tasks as complete 
  • Spend with their Smart Cash Card up to the allowable limit
  • Track earnings, spending and see balance
  • Learn money basics through Play
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Mydoh Tasks & Allowance

There’s always so much to be done around the house. With Mydoh Tasks, you can easily set tasks and get your kids involved.

They learn the value of earning their own money, and you get a dishwasher that seems to load and unload itself. 😉

It’s easy to track whether tasks are complete or overdue, and once they’re marked as complete, kids get paid on Pay Day – which happens every Saturday!

Earning their own money can change the way kids think about saving and spending.

See how Mydoh Tasks work
Mydoh Visa Cash Card

Mydoh Smart Cash Card

The Mydoh Smart Cash Card comes with a money management app designed for kids and parents.

Kids can make purchases — online and in-store1— up to allowable limits anywhere that Visa is accepted.

With the independence to make spending decisions, they can learn the real value of money.

Through hands-on, real-world experience, your kids can gain competence and confidence, and start building a healthy relationship with money.

You have a clear view of all activity, and can give encouragement and guidance. That’s just smart.

Check out Mydoh Smart Cash Card
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Mydoh Play

Mydoh Play makes learning about money easy: kids get some basics about money and start building financial literacy through trivia.

From the cost of living to knowing when not to spend, your kids can learn fun facts about money every week. Plus, you’ll find handy tips on how to get the whole money conversation started.

Get into Mydoh Play

"It is the best thing since sliced bread. Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this app! I can’t wait until the kids get their cards!"

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Start your free trial today

Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

Seriously Secure

Kids can spend in-store and online up to allowable limits with their Mydoh Smart Cash Card issued by Royal Bank of Canada and powered by Visa.

Terms & Conditions

*The 30-day free trial offer is activated on the date of completion of the Mydoh mobile app account registration process. After your free trial offer ends, a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 ($2.99 for RBC Clients) will be taken out of your Mydoh Wallet. You can cancel any time by contacting Mydoh. Mydoh reserves the right to cancel, modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

† The RBC Visa Prepaid Mydoh Smart Cash Card (“Mydoh Smart Cash Card”) is available as a physical and digital card that can be used to pay for purchases online or in-store anywhere Visa contactless (tap) is accepted.


1. The RBC Visa Prepaid Mydoh Smart Cash Card (“Mydoh Smart Cash Card”) is available as a physical and digital card that can be used to pay for purchases online or in-store anywhere Visa contactless (tap) is accepted.

2. Parents can load and kids can access up to a maximum of $500 per day on their Mydoh Smart Cash Card. When loading money to a Mydoh Smart Cash Card, there are limits to the number of transfers and dollar amounts. Please see transfer and transaction limits.

3. RBC Client means an individual who holds at least one personal deposit account with Royal Bank of Canada (excluding saving accounts and US dollar accounts), or a personal RBC Royal Bank Credit Card.

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