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Change begins with an idea

Mydoh is the brainchild of Faria Rahman and Gaurav Kapoor, who first met while doing their MBA at the University of Toronto. Both were passionate about changing the way people think about, and deal with money.

“I’ve seen too many friends racking up credit card debt, not being able to save money and living paycheck to paycheck, and that’s why I wanted to work on Mydoh.”

Mydoh began with the shared belief that money management isn’t something you are taught, as much as something you learn through experience – and that experience should start early.

“Many parents lack the discipline or the know-how to build a financially educated household and schools don’t teach kids about money.”

That’s where Mydoh, The Smart Money Card for Kids comes in.


Money goes by many names: green, cheddar, loot, bank, and of course dough. Whatever your kids call it, having their own money is key.

We all want the best for our kids, and helping them develop good money habits as they enter their teen years is a great place to start. That’s where Mydoh comes in. We believe that given responsibility and a little guidance kids learn real values that will help shape the world they want.

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Once your kids get their hands on money, you want to help them make good decisions with it.

Mydoh provides young people with the opportunity to practice and improve how they manage money, and keep within budget, helping them build competency and confidence.

With Mydoh, kids can manage their own money in the real world, making decisions to spend and earn while parents get visibility and the opportunity to have better money conversations.


We know there are different parenting approaches, so with Mydoh, you decide how involved you want to be.

  • See your kids’ spending activity, encourage goals and comment on decisions (both good and bad) all in real time.
  • Have oversight and control over the amount of money you extend to kids or budget the amount your kids can spend.
  • Set up a weekly allowance for your kids.
  • Assign tasks and chores to help kids learn the value of earning money.

  • If need be, you can pause your kids’ card.
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Mydoh was created with the support of Royal Bank of Canada, providing the security and peace of mind of Canada’s largest bank. Going beyond banking, RBC creates products and services that solve problems and make peoples’ lives better.

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