About Mydoh

Mydoh is the money management app designed to help parents raise money-smart kids.
It's simple, safe and secure.

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Change begins with an idea

Mydoh is the brainchild of Faria Rahman and Gaurav Kapoor, who first met during their MBA at the University of Toronto. Both were passionate about changing the way people think about and deal with money.

Mydoh began with the shared belief that money management isn’t something you are taught, as much as something you learn through experience – and that experience should start early.

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Many parents lack the discipline or the know-how to build a financially educated household and schools don’t teach kids about money.

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Seriously secure

Kids can safely spend in-store1 and online up to allowable limits with their Mydoh Smart Card issued by Royal Bank of Canada and powered by Visa.

1. Kids can pay in-store with their Mydoh Smart Card anywhere Visa and tap is accepted.

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