Earn Money
Gain Independence

Building healthy financial habits as a kid starts with being able to make decisions about your own money.

With Mydoh, you decide if you want to pay your kids for chores, give them an allowance independent of household tasks, or securely send your kids money when they need it.

Mydoh - Earn

Pay Their Allowance in Just a Few Taps

Whether it’s $5 or $50, a weekly allowance is a great way to get kids thinking about managing their money at an early age.

And Mydoh takes care of paying their allowance out automatically each Saturday (around here we call it Pay Day).

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Mydoh - Chores

Get Paid For a Job Well Done

Pitching in and doing chores around the house is part of being a family. It’s also one way to give your kids the experience of earning their own money; you get to choose.

With Mydoh Tasks, you can easily set tasks for up to five kids and get them involved. Your kids have the satisfaction of checking off chores and voila! No more laundry pile plus money in their pocket.

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Mydoh - Earn

Send Money on the Go

Forgetting their lunch…not being able to pay with cash… Sometimes your kids need money in a pinch.

With one-off transfers, you can send a secure payment directly to their Mydoh account in the time it takes them to text you, “did u Mydoh me yet? 👀”

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Game changer

“After several failed attempts to motivate our 2 girls to do chores, we discovered Mydoh and it has been a game changer.”

Rob, Two Daughters
Truly motivating

“My kids really enjoy using Mydoh. The app has truly motivated them to complete their chores and save money. My house is in tip top shape.”

Corinne, Five Kids
Sense of Freedom

“Due to my daughter’s developmental disabilities we’re constantly seeking tools that promote her independence. Her Mydoh card has provided her with a welcomed sense of freedom.”

Lisa, Two Daughters
Mydoh features

Experience is the Best Teacher.
And this one comes with no monthly fees.

Mydoh give your kids the tools they need to practice earning, spending, and saving their own money.

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