Sending Money to Friends

Why am I not able to send money to my friend? 

If your money transfer to your friend failed, there could be a few causes. Please see below for some of the most common reasons, and ensure to communicate with your friends to confirm the items listed below: 

  • You or your friend’s digital card is locked: you can see if your digital card is locked on the home screen of your Mydoh account. 
  • You or your friend have reached their daily or monthly transfer limit: please see here for a refresher on your limits for sending money to your friends
  • There are insufficient funds on your card balance: you can see your balance on your account’s home screen. Kindly note that only funds from your Spend balance can be transferred to your friends, not your Savings Goals. 
  • You or your friend’s card balance has reached the limit:  please see here for an overview of balance limits

Important notes:

  • It’s important to note that all transfers are final and cannot be canceled.  
  • Funds can only be sent between friends who have been verified themselves in the Mydoh app and are 14+ years of age.