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Mydoh Tasks

It’s easy to create tasks for your kids, track if they’re overdue and know when they’re complete. All in just a few taps.

You can select a task from a menu or create your own. They can be one-off or recurring – you choose. Just set the completion date, enter the payment amount, and you’re done.

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Staying on top of tasks

You can see how your kids are doing with their tasks, if they’re on track or if they need a little nudge.

Your kids can view all their tasks, mark the ones they’ve done as completed, and see how much they can earn. This helps kids plan ahead and budget for the future – even if that’s just next week.

Weekly earnings from allowance and chores being shown in the Mydoh app

Learning through earning

Along with the sense of accomplishment that comes with getting paid, your kids can learn a lot. Like the value of earning money and what goes into it.

This could be a good chance to talk to your kids about earning, setting goals, and planning for the future.

Overdue and completed tasks being show in the Mydoh app

A job well done

When your kids complete their tasks on time, and mark the task as completed, they’ll get paid on Pay Day.

Every Saturday, money will automatically move from your account to their account2.

A weekly Pay Day gives kids something to work towards and helps them learn about income and budgeting.

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Mydoh Allowance

No more fumbling for cash. Set your kids up with a weekly allowance in just a few taps.

Whether it’s $5 or $50, a weekly allowance is another great way to get kids thinking about budgeting and managing their money at an early age. You can adjust the amount whenever you need to.

Choosing the amount of money for a kids weekly allowance in the Mydoh app

Set an allowance that’s right for your kids

A 10-year-old kid and a 15-year-old kid have very different needs and expenses. How much you give your child for an allowance is up to you2.

You can easily set an amount to suit the stage your kids are at. Tap on Weekly Allowance, set a payment amount, and hit Save. Simple.

Setting an automatic weekly allowance for a child in the Mydoh app

Automatic payment

Payments are sent automatically from your account to your kid’s account. The money is available right away for them to spend or save for later.

Like tasks, getting paid an allowance on a weekly basis can help kids plan their spending for the next week and beyond.

Weekly earnings from allowance being shown in the Mydoh app

Keeping track is easy

You can set an allowance at any time, and your kids can see what’s coming into their account.

Tasks and Allowance are two ways for your kids to earn and learn about money. You can opt for one or the other, or both. Whatever works for you and your kids.


As a parent you can set up a weekly allowance for your child. This is not associated with tasks or task completion.

Tasks, on the other hand, are specific jobs/chores you can create and assign to your kid(s), and pay them in return for completing them. We believe paying for completed tasks can help kids develop a sense of respect for earning money.

Tasks and allowance are two different ways of paying your child. It’s up to you how you want to do it. You can opt for either/or do both!

Not sure if an allowance is right for your kids? Read our guide to giving an allowance to your kids and teenagers.

Follow these easy steps to set up a weekly allowance for your kid(s):

  1. Go to the ‘Earn’ screen and click on ‘Weekly Allowance’.
  2. Choose the amount you want your kid(s) to receive weekly and save your settings.

Need help deciding how much allowance to give? Use our kids allowance calculator to plan one-off and weekly chores and calculate how much your kids should earn when completing tasks.

Tasks are a great way to start teaching your child a strong work ethic and responsibility for taking care of themselves and their home.

Follow these steps to set up a task:

  1. Go to the ‘Earn’ screen in the app and click on ‘Add a Task’ or ‘Create Task’
  2. Choose a task category or customize your own.
  3. Provide specific details and mark it as a one-off or recurring task.
  4. Set the completion date for a one-time task, or if it’s a recurring task, set the days of the week the task needs to happen.
  5. Save!

Note: Completed tasks that are marked as done in the app will only be paid on Saturday, which is Pay Day.

Not sure where to start when it comes to tasks and chores? Read our guide to household chores for teens and kids.

Your child will get paid for their task(s) on Pay Day, which is every Saturday. We believe not being paid for a task as soon as they complete it mimics real life pay days and will also help teach kids better budgeting during the week.

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Get your first 30 days free and give your kids a head start on building money skills*.

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