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Mydoh makes it easy for kids to shop how they want, when they want. Kids can make purchases online anywhere that accepts Visa. That means no more asking to borrow your credit card to buy a new avatar.

Mydoh also makes it easy for teens aged 13+ to link their digital card to Apple Pay when they shop in-store.

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Experience is the Best Teacher.
And this one comes with no monthly fees.

Mydoh give your kids the tools they need to practice earning, spending, and saving their own money.

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Yes, Mydoh offers kids and teens a physical and digital card. The digital Smart Cash Card is available at no cost, and can be used to shop online and can be linked to your childs’ Google or Apple Pay account.

Most of us are shopping online—and kids and teens are no exception. Some of the ways parents can help their kids shop online safely is to purchase items from a trusted site, protect their personal information, be wary of what seems like a great deal, and check their bank statements. Mydoh makes it easy for parents to have oversight on their kids’ spending. If you see anything suspicious, you can lock your kids’ Smart Cash Card within the app.

Once you invite your kids to create a Mydoh account, they’ll have access to a digital Mydoh Smart Cash Card. In order to make online purchases, they’ll need to log into their account, go to the “Wallet” tab of the app, tap the Mydoh Smart Cash Card image on the screen and enter their password. They should then be able to see their card details, including card number, expiry date, and CVV in order to make payment.

In order to add their digital Smart Cash Card to their Apple wallet, kids must be aged 13 or older. Kids with an iOS device can add their Smart Cash Card to their Apple Wallet by going to the ‘Wallet’ tab in the Mydoh app and selecting ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ below the image of their card.