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My Child’s Spending

How do I react to my child’s spending?

How do I react to my child’s spending?

With Mydoh, parents have complete oversight, which is why they are always able to view their child’s transactions through real time notifications that are sent to their device, as well as being able to view a history of their child(ren’s) transactions directly within the app.

To view your child’s transaction history and react to them, please see the steps below:
1.    Login to your parent account
2.    Navigate to the ‘Spend’ tab in the footer of your homepage
3.    Swipe through and select a child to see their Mydoh Smart Cash Card balance and their transactions.
4.    Scroll down to view a history of their transactions, and review.
5.    Below each transaction, select ‘React’ and chose an emoji! Your child will be able to view your reaction within their app.

If you have any questions, our support team would be happy to assist you further. Please feel free to contact us via the in-app chat!