How Do I Remove a Task? | Mydoh

How do I remove a task?

How do I remove a task?

If you no longer require a task, or would like to remove it for any reason at all, we have got you covered! Please follow these three easy steps to remove one of your child’s tasks. The same steps can be applied to any kind of tasks you have added, and as many of them as you need to remove.

1. Login to your parent account and go to the ‘Earn’ tab on the bottom bar of your home screen.
2. Below your child’s name select the task that you would like to remove.
3. Select ‘Delete Task’ and select ‘Yes’ to confirm.
f you have more than one child on your Mydoh Family account, swipe left on the ‘Earn’ screen to switch between children and view their individual tasks.

Note: If you remove a completed task before Pay Day occurs on Saturday, your child will not be paid for that task. To ensure your child gets paid, please verify that all their tasks have been completed before 11:59PM each Friday.

Want to verify that your child has completed a task? Click here to learn how!