How do I verify my child’s tasks?

How do I verify my child’s tasks?

At the end of the day, parents have the final say! 

While we agree that it is incredibly important to give kids the independence of completing and marking off their own tasks, we also understand that verifying a task before kids get paid on Pay Day can be essential to the learning process.

To verify that a task is complete, please see the steps below:
1. Login to your parent account
2. Select the ‘Earn’ button on the bottom bar of the home screen
3. Scroll down to view all the tasks your child has been assigned
4. Select the checked box on the left side of the task to mark ‘Done’ tasks as incomplete.
5. For unchecked tasks, you can mark those as complete by selecting the box beside each task.
6. Once you have checked or unchecked a task as complete or incomplete, your child will get a notification about the changes you’ve made, and they will have the opportunity to re-do the task if needed

So long as your child checks off a task that is approved completely before 11:59pm EST each Friday, they will get paid on Pay Day (Saturday)!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!