Logging into Mydoh

My kid has forgotten their Mydoh username and/or password. What can I do?

My kid has forgotten their Mydoh username and/or password. What can I do?

Sometimes kids can forget their usernames or passwords, and that is totally ok! Using your Mydoh parent account you can easily recover the necessary information in order to get your kids logged back into the app.

To recover your child’s username, please see the steps below: 

1. Login to your Mydoh parent account, and navigate to the settings tab on the top right hand corner of the screen
2. Select ‘ Family Settings’ 
3. Scroll down to view all the members added to your Mydoh family by name, with their associated emails written directly below
4. Voila! The email you will need to enter in order to login to your Mydoh child account will be listed there

To recover your child’s password, please see the steps below: 

1. Open the Mydoh app. On the login page, select ‘Forgot Password” 
2. Enter your child’s email, and confirm. If you do not know your child’s email, please see above
3. Open the password reset link that was sent to the email address you entered
4. Reset your password, and confirm 
5. Ta-da! You can open the Mydoh app once more and login with your email and the new password you have set. 

Important Note: If you reset your password to the same one it was before, you will encounter an error. Please try and come up with an entirely new password for your account if this is the case .
Not receiving the password reset link?
If you are not receiving the password reset link, please ensure that you have entered your email address correctly, with no spelling mistakes or additional spaces, and that you have a stable internet connection when requesting the password reset link.
If you are still encountering issues, our sincere apologies! Our support team would be happy to assist via the in-app chat!