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Thinking of submitting a chargeback?

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is the return of funds to a payment card after a customer disputes a transaction because of unauthorized charges on the account.

Why start a chargeback?

While we hope it doesn’t come to it, there are situations where you might request to start a chargeback:

Merchant Error

1. Product was never received
2. Error with product/service
3. Merchant is unresponsive

How do I start a chargeback?

Please contact the Mydoh support team via our in-app chat. We will collect all relevant information with regards to the issue and instruct you on next steps.

Before you start a chargeback on your Mydoh account, it is important to know that a chargeback should be a last resort. You should first dispute any issues that may arise directly with the merchant before contacting Mydoh. This is because a dispute can be processed more quickly by contacting the merchant directly, rather than involving a third party. Our team should only be contacted to start a dispute process if the merchant is unresponsive or uncooperative.

What happens after I submit a chargeback?

When you contact our team to begin the chargeback process, we will first confirm whether your issue is something Mydoh can handle or if you should be reaching out to the merchant instead. Our team will explain the process and next steps.

Once you submit the dispute with our customer service team, it is escalated to our fraud operations team. They will escalate the dispute to the right channels and investigate the situation. We will keep you updated as we investigate the dispute process.

Unfortunately, this can be a complicated and time-consuming process. You may be asked to provide complete documentation of the dispute. Please keep in mind not all chargebacks are successful, each scenario is different.

If your dispute process is successful, you will see the chargeback in your account within five business days of confirmation that the dispute process is successful.

Commonly raised disputes – subscription or free trials

Below are some examples of commonly raised disputes that Mydoh receives but unfortunately is unable to assist with. The majority of the time, these disputes are best handled by the merchant directly:

Scenario #1: If your child has signed up knowingly or unknowingly to a free trial which ends after 30/60/90 days, these charges will start to appear on the card whether or not the service is still being used after 30/60/90 days. The majority of the time merchants require a manual cancellation of the service through their customer service team by phone/email/chat in order to prevent charges to their account after the trial period has ended.

This scenario is common with online or mobile games where merchants ask for a credit card as verification of identity and use the credit card details as form of payment after trial ends. The best way to dispute these charges would be to contact the merchant directly.

Scenario #2: Your child has signed up for a subscription service which gives them a free trial of 30 days. After a completed trial of 30 days your child wishes to cancel the membership. Unfortunately your child continues to be charged for the service even after they reached out to the merchant to cancel. In a situation like this, the dispute should be taken up with the merchant as they are solely responsible for the charge in question.

Important notes about chargebacks

Typically, the most commonly seen merchant disputes are related to Apple, Google, Sony PlayStation, or Microsoft. If your chargeback dispute involves any of these merchants, please refer to the below links prior to reaching out to Mydoh customer service:

Sony PlayStation

The chargeback/dispute process can take up to 90 days to process.

If you see any suspicious or unauthorized transactions on your Mydoh account, please lock the digital and/or physical Mydoh cards immediately, and contact our support team through the in-app chat.

If you know who the merchant is, please contact them first, as it is usually faster to have funds returned directly by the merchant.