Adding Money to Mydoh Wallet

What is the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature?

What is the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature?

For users who do not have a personal chequing account or credit card with the Royal Bank of Canada, loading funds via the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature is the way to go!

The Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature allows you to send a request for funds to anyone in Canada via the Interac e-Transfer system. Once the request is accepted, the money will be deposited directly to your Wallet!

Please have a look at the steps below to load funds via Interac e-Transfer Request Money:
1. Go to your Home or Wallet tab and select ‘Add Funds’.
2. Tap ‘Continue’ on the Interac e-Transfer tile.
3. Under ‘Request from’ select ‘+ Add new recipient’, if you haven’t already added one.
4. Add the new recipients contact details (even if it’s you!) and tap ‘Save’
5. Enter the amount and select how you would like to notify the recipient.
6. Select ‘Send Request’.
7. Review the details of the transaction and confirm they are correct.
8. Tap ‘Request Now’ to confirm the transaction.
9. Success! The contact will receive the Interac e-Transfer via email or SMS within a few minutes. Once they have accepted the request and send the funds, you should see it reflected in your Parent Wallet balance.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat.

Note: An Interac recipient is considered to be anyone in the Interac e-Transfer system that you can request money from, to then load into your Mydoh parent wallet. You cannot add your child’s Mydoh account as an Interac recipient to withdraw funds from their Mydoh wallet. To withdraw funds from your child’s Mydoh account, please see here.