Scholastic & Mydoh

Mydoh is an easy way to help kids and teens learn smart money habits. We’re proud to partner with Scholastic as their preferred cashless solution for book fairs across Canada.

Now kids can use their Mydoh Smart Cash Card when attending a Scholastic Book Fair in your school!


What is Mydoh?

Mydoh is a money management app and Smart Cash Card that gives youth a secure way to spend their own money as they build the financial skills they’ll need to thrive.

How Does Mydoh Work?

Parents and guardians can sign up for the Mydoh app for no monthly fee and add up to five kids to one account. Parents can pay kids an allowance or send money on the go. Kids receive a physical and digital Smart Cash Card, which can be used to securely buy items (like books!) in person or online. And there’s peace of mind in knowing that Mydoh is backed by RBC.


Youth will learn and develop strong financial habits through real-world money experiences.

Provides youth with opportunities to have conversations about personal finance.

Helps youth gain independence and prepare for the future.

Free tools and resources for parents/guardians and youth.

Experience is the best teacher. And this one comes with no monthly fees.

As the preferred cashless solution for Scholastic, kids and teens can use their Mydoh Smart Cash Card at their school book fairs to make purchases. Sign up for Mydoh to get your kids’ Smart Cash Card.