What is Mydoh? (Video)

What is Mydoh? (Video)

Raise money-smart kids with Mydoh, the money management app for parents and kids!

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Raise money-smart kids with Mydoh, the money management app for kids—and parents! 

Your kids get the independence they want, and you get the oversight you need.

Your kids can earn, spend, and learn money basics using the Mydoh app and Smart Card.

What makes Mydoh Smart Card so smart?

Your kids can safely spend their own money in-store and online up to the allowable limits, and you can track their spending activity.

You can react to your kids' spending activity with emojis!

You can also lock and unlock their Smart Card instantly from your parent account.

You get complete oversight.

Help your kids learn the value of earning money by setting up tasks or allowance.

Every Saturday is Pay Day, and kids access their money automatically through the Mydoh app.

No more fumbling for cash.

Mydoh Play helps kids learn basic money concepts through bite-sized lessons and money trivia.

From learning to earning to making smart money choices, your kids' activity is secure because Mydoh is powered by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada).

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Seriously secure

Kids can safely spend in-store1 and online up to allowable limits with their Mydoh Smart Card issued by Royal Bank of Canada and powered by Visa.

1. Kids can pay in-store with their Mydoh Smart Card anywhere Visa and tap is accepted.

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