CPA & Mydoh

Mydoh is the easiest way to help teach kids & teens core financial values & responsible habits. We’re proud to partner with CPA members to further this goal for the next generation.

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What is Mydoh?

Mydoh is a money management app and Smart Cash Card that allows kids & teens to gain real-life money experiences by earning, spending, and saving their own money.

How Does Mydoh Work?

Parents & guardians sign up for a Mydoh account and can add up to five kids’ accounts. As a family, they can set tasks/chores, savings goals, and allowances. From there Mydoh helps kids learn to manage their money responsibly and facilitate conversations around spending & saving habits.


Youth will learn and develop strong financial habits through real-world money experiences.

Provides youth with opportunities to have conversations about personal finance.

Helps youth gain independence and prepare for the future.

Free tools and resources for parents/guardians and youth.

Get our customizable Smart Cash card FREE!*

As a CPA member, you can redeem a FREE Mydoh by Me Smart Cash Card that your kids can design themselves! 

You can also take advantage of Mydoh’s extensive resources and insights regarding youth finance.