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Talking to kids about money can be tough (understatement of the year). Cue On The Money: a free monthly newsletter that  delivers articles on super topical topics like helping your teen land their first job (and file their first tax return), explaining inflation, and which video games teach kids about money (no, that’s not a typo).

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Helping your kids navigate the metaverse? Check Looking for a way to explain inflation that doesn’t make their head spin? We’ve got you. Want to help your teen understand the pros and cons of buy-now-pay-later apps? You’ve come to the right newsletter. 

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When it comes to tackling financial concepts with your kids, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive articles on allllll the money basics: budgeting, compound interest, credit scores—you name it, we explain it.

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Be among the first to hear about our  free financial resources and tools like downloadable chore charts, a savings calculator for kids, and an eBook to help your teen get their first job (it’s about time).

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Here are some of our favourite On The Money newsletters so far:

Tax deductions your family should know about

March is tax season! Read our article on the latest tax deductions your family may be eligible for and what teens need to know about taxes. We also profile three inspiring young women who are blazing trails in entrepreneurship, advocacy, and innovation.

28 money activities your kids will love

If it isn’t obvious yet, we love helping kids and teens learn smart money skills. But if you’re not sure where to start, check out our article on teaching kids aged 4-16 about financial literacy. We also explore how the racial wage gap in Canada impacts Black communities.

What’s your kid dreaming about for 2023?

A new gaming console? Getting a job? Committing to helping others? Get tips on how to help your kids accomplish their goals. Speaking of goals: maybe one of yours is having them help around the house more! Download our free chore chart checklists to use as a (gentle) nudge in their chore-doing direction.

Set your kid on the path to becoming a financial whiz

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Savings Goal Calculator for Kids

In just 5 minutes, our savings calculator will create a personalized savings plan that shows your kids exactly how long it’ll take to afford up to three things on their wishlist.

10 Free Printable Chore Charts

Always reminding your kids to do their chores (been there)? Download our free chore chart checklists for kids and teens! It’s what we call a chore-score.

Parents’ Guide to Teaching Your Kids Money Basics

Thankfully, raising money-smart kids isn’t rocket science. Download our free eBook with useful ideas and strategies to help equip your kids with the financial skills they need to succeed.