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on Demand

You’re busy, we get it. So if you forget to send your kids money for a school trip, you can transfer additional money to top up their Mydoh balance whenever they need it!

Mydoh’s Receive Funds feature also makes it easy for your kids to request money in real-time. Best of all, there’s no fee.

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Experience is the Best Teacher.
And this one comes with no monthly fees.

Mydoh give your kids the tools they need to practice earning, spending, and saving their own money.

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Receive Funds is a feature on the Mydoh app that allows parents to send one-off requests for money in real time. With Receive Funds, your child can request money right in their Mydoh app and send you a notification. Parents will receive the notification through the Mydoh app and can select the amount you want to send.

With Mydoh, parents can send kids money online with our allowance feature. An allowance is paid out automatically from the parent account to the child’s account on Pay Day (every Saturday). Parents and caregivers can also send money online to their kids through the Mydoh Receive Funds feature.

The benefits of sending an instant money transfer to kids and teens include faster transaction times. With Receive Funds, kids can request and receive money within minutes. Sending an instant money transfer through an app like Mydoh also gives you peace of mind, as we’re backed by RBC. There are also no fees associated with sending an instant money transfer through Mydoh.