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The Mydoh Smart Cash Card is a reloadable, prepaid Visa card that gives parents a front row seat to the greatest show on earth: watching your kids gain independence.

Your kids will learn to make independent financial decisions—and because you have oversight over their spending, you can help guide them as needed.

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The Classic Smart Cash Card

Your kids’ first cash card is a big step towards independence. And the classic Mydoh Smart Cash Card comes free of charge.

It gives kids and teens the freedom to shop IRL with their very own card, including when they’re traveling (really!). And you have the security of knowing they can only spend the money available to them.

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The Digital Smart Cash Card

With Mydoh’s digital Smart Cash Card your kids and teens have a safe way to shop online and in-store anywhere that Visa is accepted. Best of all, they can only spend the money available to them up to allowable limits.

Mydoh’s digital Smart Cash Card can also be linked to Apple Pay, giving your teen the freedom to pay for purchases in-store right from their phone!

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The Mydoh by Me
Smart Cash Card

Personal finance should be exactly that, personal. That’s why Mydoh introduced Canada’s first customizable spending card for your kids and teens.

For a one-time fee of $6.99, the Mydoh by Me Smart Cash Card lets your kid’s unique personality shine as they spend their money, their way.

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Their Security is Our Priority

We take your family’s security seriously. Not only can parents track their kids spending and guide them on their purchases, you can lock and unlock your kids’ physical or digital Smart Cash Card directly from the Mydoh app.

With Mydoh, your kids and teens are blocked from buying products not appropriate for youth, such as gaming, alcohol, or cannabis.

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Game changer

“After several failed attempts to motivate our 2 girls to do chores, we discovered Mydoh and it has been a game changer.”

Rob, Two Daughters
Truly motivating

“My kids really enjoy using Mydoh. The app has truly motivated them to complete their chores and save money. My house is in tip top shape.”

Corinne, Five Kids
Sense of Freedom

“Due to my daughter’s developmental disabilities we’re constantly seeking tools that promote her independence. Her Mydoh card has provided her with a welcomed sense of freedom.”

Lisa, Two Daughters
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Experience is the Best Teacher.
And this one comes with no monthly fees.

Mydoh gives your kids the tools they need to practice earning, spending, and saving their own money.

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