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How can Mydoh help my child with money management?

How can Mydoh help my child with money management?

Children are hands-on learners, and the world around them provides so many natural opportunities. The younger they can start practicing important skills like money management, the more likely they’ll be to adopt healthy behaviours that accompany them into their adult years.

With Mydoh, your kids will learn money management through practice – how?

We’re glad you asked! Mydoh’s physical smart cash card empowers kids to independently make in store purchases while seeing how it affects their balance in real time, all while giving their parents total oversight. The digital card allows for them to make purchases online using their card details, and in doing so they will be able to experience the importance of making purchases from trustworthy websites while learning the difference between a card number, an expiration date, and a CVV of course!

On top of that, the app enables kids to earn money, in hopes of understanding the importance of saving and budgeting, all while getting hands on experience related to the work that goes into accumulating money over time. This is all topped off with our Play feature, which helps them to continue their financial learning, and build upon concepts like saving and investing, by going into other aspects of financial literacy like banking and economics.

Mydoh has also crafted money 101 resources for parents to share with their kids and teens, which includes guides, articles, and tips for helping your kids understand money basics and the importance of financial literacy!

We are a growing company whose number one goal is to help raise money-smart kids, one chore at a time!