Savings Goals

How do kids add funds to their Savings Goals?

The total funds a child earns between both Spend and Savings Goals will always be listed at the top of their home screen. When parents send their kids one-time transfers, or when kids earn money through task or allowance payments, the payments are always deposited to the child’s ‘Spend’.

From there, it is up to the kids to move the funds into their Savings Goals 1. Please see below for the steps to transfer funds from Spend to Savings Goals (General Savings or Goals): 

  1. Login to your child account, and select the ‘Savings Goals’ tile. (Here you can scroll down to see how much money you have allocated to General Savings, and to Goals) 
  2. Select ‘Move Money’, then select ‘Spend’ in the ‘Move From’ drop down
  3. Select ‘ General Savings’ or a Goal in the ‘Move to’ drop down
  4. Choose the amount you would like move, and select ‘Move Now’
  5. Success! The money has been moved from your Spend, to your Savings Goals

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat, or at hello@mydoh.ca.


  1. Please note that your child’s ‘Savings Goals’ is not a savings account and will not receive interest or any other earnings.