Logging into Mydoh

I am receiving an error when entering the verification code for my email change request, what do I do?

Please make sure that you typed the verification code that you received on your new email address.

Please also note that your verification code expires within 5 minutes. If it has expired, please select “send new code” on the screen of your Mydoh app. 

If you exited out of that screen, the verification request will disappear from your screen. Therefore, you can try again to make the email change request, and go over the process once more, making sure to enter the code in time.

When it comes to your child account, please note that the code expires within an hour. If it is expired, the child is prompted to tell you to re-send their code. For child email change requests, you will see their previous attempt to change the email in the family settings as ‘pending’. You can now re-send the child a code by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to your parent account
  2. Navigate to the settings tab, then select ‘Family Settings’
  3. Beside the child who you had requested an email change for, there should be a “PENDING” icon
  4. Tap the child’s name, then select “Resend Code”
  5. The child will then receive a new code in their email address, which they can enter once they login to their Mydoh app once more.