Physical Cards

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Cards

Damaged Cards:
If your child’s physical card is damaged or has arrived damaged, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To re-order a card, please contact support.

While you wait for your child’s new physical card in the mail, the old one will remain active. This will allow your child to continue using any function of their card that still works! You can of course always use the digital card for online purchases, and add your card to Apple Wallet 1.

Please note: The new physical card will need to be activated once received in the mail.

Custom Cards that arrive damaged will be replaced at no additional cost. Otherwise, a one-time customization fee of 6.99 CAD will apply for each customized Card. This is in addition to any other current card fees associated with the Mydoh Smart Cash Card. The customization fee is charged at the time of order for each customized Card, and for any replacement customized Card. Customized Cards are optional.

Lost or Stolen Cards:
If your child’s card has been lost or stolen, we are very sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, this can be resolved right away! Take a look at the information below for next steps:

1. Sign in to your Mydoh primary parent account (not your child’s account).
2. Scroll to the appropriate child’s name on your ‘Home’ tab.
3. Tap ‘Manage’ and then select the ‘Lock’ icon for their physical card.
4. Select the menu next to ‘card controls’ to open ‘physical card options’.
5. Choose whether you want to request a classic Mydoh card (no additional cost) or a custom Mydoh card (additional cost of $6.99).

Following these steps will help prevent any unauthorized transactions from being processed. If you experience any issues, please contact our support team via the in-app chat and we will assist with ordering a new card for your child.