Add a Parent

What can a secondary parent do?

Great question! While a primary parent is the one who will initially set up the Mydoh family account, they can always invite a second parent onto the account at no additional cost! Please see below for all the amazing things a secondary parent can do:

1. Assign, edit, delete, and verify tasks ✅

2. Add allowance

3. Send money to kids 💸

4. Lock kids’ cards

5. Load funds in the shared Mydoh parent wallet 💳

6. Withdraw funds

7. Chat with support 💬

8. View transactions and react to them

9. View their kids’ progress 📈

10.  Get real time updates!


1. When loading funds, please note that a primary and a secondary parent share a wallet balance. Both contributors add to one single wallet. The presence of an additional contributor does not increase any load limits, or withdrawal limits.

2. Only the primary parent can invite a child, request a new physical card for their child, or cancel any individual accounts on the Mydoh family, as well as closing the entire family account.