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What does Mydoh mean and how do I pronounce it?

What does Mydoh mean and how do I pronounce it?

Great question! Money goes by many names: green, cheddar, loot, bank, and of course, dough. Whatever your kids call it, having their own money is an important part of their development. We all want the best for our kids and helping them build good money habits begins with Mydoh!

Mydoh is a play on words for “my dough” meaning “my money”. It is pronounced “my-dough” just like the delicious mixture of flour and water that goes into bread and pastries!

We are a money management app designed to help parents guide their kids through learning money values and skills in a simple, safe, and secure way. We empower families by enabling parents to assign tasks and chores to their children that they can earn money from and use on their very own Mydoh Smart Cash Cards, all while learning about carefully curated financial literacy topics designed to build a foundation of knowledge that aims to prepare children to make the best financial decisions in the future!