How do I set a Goal?

How do I set a Goal?

Setting goals is a very simple process that can be done through the child account! See below for more details: 

1. Login to your Mydoh child account, and select the ‘Savings Goals’ tile on your homescreen 
2. Select ‘Set a New Goal’ at the bottom of the screen, then fill out the information pertaining to your Goal
3. Select the amount of money you would like add towards your Goal, and where the funds should be moved from. If you would not like to add any money, select ‘Skip for Now’ 
4. Review and confirm the details of your Goal
5. All set! Your Goal has been created

Kids can set up to 3 Goals at a time. They  can also edit, delete, and mark an existing goal as complete!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

1. Please note that your child’s ‘Savings Goals’ is not a savings account and will not receive interest or any other earnings.