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I referred a friend to Mydoh, but I didn’t earn the referral bonus.

I referred a friend to Mydoh, but I didn’t earn the referral bonus.

If you have referred a friend to Mydoh but either of you have not received the referral bonus, please have a look at some of the potential reasons listed here for why that could be:

1. Your friend or family member registered with your referral code but has not created an account for their child and funded their Mydoh Wallet. In order for you and your friend or family member to earn the referral bonuses they will need to add a child and also fund their parent Wallet. 
2. You’ve already earned the maximum referral bonus possible. You can refer up to 16 friends across all tiers and earn up to a maximum of $400 per referral year. The referral year resets every June 1st. But if your friends continue to use your code, they will still earn their $10 reward when they sign up!
3. Your friend or family member did not register with your referral code. If this is the case, please have your  friend or family member reach out to our support team no later than 5 days after signing up.

If you believe that all the potential reasons above have been addressed yet are still having trouble with the payout for a given referral, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience with that. Please reach out to us via the in-app chat function, and our support team would be more than happy to look into any issues you may be having.

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