Using the Mydoh Smart Cash Card

Making purchases on Roblox using your Mydoh Smart Cash Card

What is Roblox? 

Think of Roblox a little like YouTube, but instead of videos, the platform offers millions of games. Kids and teens play using cute, figurine-style characters to navigate LEGO-like blocky, virtual reality environments. 

Pretty much anything kids might like to do IRL, they can do online in Roblox. They can visit theme parks, star in fashion shows, race cars, or explore cities like in the role-playing game Brookhaven RP. They can also create their own games! 

For more information on Roblox please refer to our Parents’ Guide to Roblox

How to Purchase Robux on Roblox using Mydoh

Option 1: Making purchases using your Mydoh digital card details.

1. Login to your Mydoh child account.
2. Select the “Wallet” icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select “See card details” and enter your Mydoh child account password once more
4. Enter the card details that are revealed directly into the Roblox website, in order to purchase your Robux.

Option 2: Making purchases using Mydoh digital card using your Apple wallet. 

1. Login to your Mydoh child account.
2. Select the “Wallet” icon  at the bottom of the screen.
3. Click “Add to Apple Wallet” .
4. Once the digital card has successfully been added to the Apple Wallet, navigate to the Roblox app.
5. Once you attempt to make a purchase within the app, the Roblox app will automatically prompt the Mydoh digital card details from the devices associated with Apple Wallet.

Common Questions
Can my child purchase Roblox related items through Google Wallet/Google Pay? 

Unfortunately, at this time Google does not allow for the Mydoh digital card to be used on Google Wallet/Google Pay. To make purchases, please enter the Mydoh digital card details directly to the Roblox website on a desktop computer. Do not use Google wallet/Google pay to autofill the credentials needed for purchase. 

Why doesn’t Roblox allow me to change/update billing details?

Roblox does allow users to edit  billing details provided the premium monthly subscription has been re-activated. Any previous monthly subscriptions will be deactivated. Roblox does not allow you to change/update billing details for a current monthly subscription.