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Questions you should talk to your kids about for security

Questions you should talk to your kids about for security

Mydoh is currently available for kids aged 6-18, which means your child’s Mydoh Smart Cash Card could very well be their first ever purchasing card. While this is very exciting for us (and hopefully for them too!) we want to make sure our Mydoh families are aware of all the potential security concerns that could arise, and how to mitigate them. Have a look below at some of our examples:

1. Please ensure card details are not being shared. Your kids sharing their card details or taking a screenshot of their card is a big no-no, as they could lead to transactions being made by other parties outside of the parent or child associated with the Mydoh account.
2. Tell them to choose a complicated password that would be difficult for someone to guess. That means with a little bit of googling, individuals can’t find out the answers. As a general rule, our password requires at least one capital letter, one special character, one number, and consist of at least 8 characters. If your worried about your child remembering their password, you can always save your password using biometric login on Android, or Face ID on iOS.

3. Suggest they keep an eye out for any fraudulent transactions (transactions that were not theirs). You can also monitor their transactions from your parent account, and lock the card if you notice anything suspicious before reaching out to our support team.

4. Similarly, if your child’s phone is lost, lock the card right away, and contact support through the in-app chat immediately.

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