Mydoh Smart Cash Card

What is the Mydoh Smart Cash Card?

What is the Mydoh Smart Cash Card?

The Mydoh Smart Cash Card is a reloadable digital and physical Visa Prepaid Card for kids, issued by the Royal Bank of Canada.
There is no interest rate charged on the card, or a risk of debt. Kids can only spend the money that is available on their card’s balance. The balance on the card is entirely up to the parents to load funds into, and monitor.

Parents can send money to their kids’ Mydoh Smart Cash Card through the app1. Kids can then use the card to make purchases online, and/or in-store with their physical or digital card2.

The Mydoh app is currently available on iOS for iPhone 6s or later, with iOS version 13 or newer and Android phones with Version 8.0 or newer.

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A few additional details about the Mydoh Smart Cash Card:
–    Your card expires at the end of the expiry month associated with your card. The remaining balance on your original card will be placed on your new card at no additional cost.
–    The Mydoh Smart Cash Card is reloadable, and the funds on the card do not expire. Funds are not CDIC insured.
–    Your parent wallet balance is available on the home page of your parent account. Each child’s balance is located below their names, also on your home page.
1.    You can send money to your child subject to the allowable limits listed here
2.    Kids can make purchases subject to the allowable limits listed here