Using the Mydoh Smart Cash Card

Are there limits to my child’s Mydoh Smart Cash Card?

Using the Mydoh Smart Cash Card is easy as can be! There are a few important limits to the number of transactions your child can make, and how much they can spend. It is important to understand these limits when making purchases. Below is a breakdown of your child’s card limits:

Kid(s) Account $CAD
Maximum Balance (shared between ‘Spend and ‘Savings Goals’) $999.99
Maximum 24 Hour Rolling Deposit (shared between ‘Spend’ and ‘Savings Goals’) $999.99
Number of purchases allowed per day 10
Number of purchases allowed per week 30
Number of purchases allowed per month 100
Value of purchases allowed per day $999.99
Value of purchases allowed per week $2,000
Value of purchases allowed over a month $3,000
Maximum Amount per Digital Card POS transaction $500
Maximum Amount per Physical Card POS transaction $200

Note: While Mydoh’s POS limit is above $100 per transaction, merchants may restrict tap transactions to $100. This is a merchant-specific limit and is unfortunately, out of Mydoh’s hands.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or at We would love to continue to conversation with you!

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