Financial Literacy Quiz for Students

What’s your financial literacy score? Take this test to find out how good you are at budgeting and managing your money!

Even teens should learn financial literacy. It might sound like a complex subject, but financial literacy is really learning the basics of how money works in your life. Understanding financial concepts will give you the confidence to learn how to create a budget, manage debt, become independent, and even invest for the future. 

But it’s not just learning about money for when you’re older. Money smarts can mean getting the best deal on a cool new pair of sneakers or saving for your first car

Do you need a little help managing your cash or are you already a financial wiz? Ready to see how much you know? Take our financial literacy quiz for kids and teens to find out!



Even teens should learn financial literacy, which means having the skills and knowledge to successfully manage your money. So, how much do you know? Take our financial literacy quiz to find out!

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