How am I able to tell if Autoload was successful?

How am I able to tell if Autoload was successful?

Autoload via Interac e-Transfer:

Once you have set up your Autoload in your parent wallet, the Interac Money Request recipient you selected during setup will receive an email as soon as the following criteria has been met:

1. Your Autoload is ‘Active’.
2. Your wallet balance fell below the threshold you chose, or, the cadence at which you selected to receive an email to load funds has been reached. For example, if you set up your Autoload cadence to send your recipient an email every week (from a given ‘Start date)’, your recipient will receive an email every week beginning the day you set up Autoload.
3. You have completed any transaction aside from a withdrawal after setting up Autoload.

Autoload via Debit Card*:

Once you have set up your Autoload in your parent wallet via Debit Card, you’re all set! Your Autoload will trigger at the cadence of your choosing, provided your card has not expired, and you have sufficient funds in the bank account that is linked to the debit card you chose to set up your Autoload with! 

If you have any questions, and to speak with our support team, please send us an email via or contact us through the in-app chat!

1. Each parent may only have one pending money request active at a time. If you already have an Autoload set-up, you cannot make an additional request for funds via Interac e-Transfer, unless you cancel your Autoload set-up, and your recipient declines any of its outstanding requests from their email. You can of course still load funds via RBC Online Banking directly, despite having a pending transfer.
2. Either a parent or a second parent can set up Autoload, however, the option to trigger a payment with a low balance can only be set up for a single Autoload type (Interac e-Transfer or Debit Card) and by either a Parent or a Second Parent, but not both.
3. ‘Debit’ Card refers to any virtual Visa Debit Card or Mastercard Debit.