Add a Parent

How do I invite a second parent to my account?

If you have already set-up a Mydoh account, you can very easily invite a second parent or legal guardian to join your Mydoh family.

A second parent can only be added to your Mydoh account once they have been invited by the primary parent. Please see below for step by step instructions:

1. Send the second parent an invitation to join your Mydoh account

a. Login to your Mydoh Primary Parent account, and select the settings gear at the top left hand corner of your screen

b. Select “Family Settings’, then ‘Add new’

c. Select the ‘Parent’ tile, and enter the details of the parent you would like to invite including their email and date of birth, and confirm

d. Congrats! Your invite has been sent, with the invitation code enclosed

2. Have the second parent sign up using their invitation code

a. Sign up can be completed manually, or through email.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at!