Logging into Mydoh

I forgot my child’s invite code. Where do I find it?

Kids can only open a Mydoh account once they have received an invitation from their primary parent/guardian on the family account. The invitation they receive includes an invite code, which they will need to enter in order to be able to create an account.

If you have forgotten to copy your child’s invite code and cannot locate the invitation email sent to your child, don’t worry! You can easily find their invite code by following these steps:

1.   Login to your parent account
2.  On your home screen, select your child’s profile
3. Scroll down, and select ‘Manage Invite’
4.  Voila! Your child’s invite code will appear

1.   If your child’s profile does not have an invite code, it is likely that your child has already completed the sign up process. If this is the case, please try and login to the account, or reach out to our support team.