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Completed Goals

How do I know when my child has completed a goal? 

Great question! To know when your child has completed a goal simply log into your Mydoh parent account and on the home screen, below your child’s name, a grey box with the Goal details will be posted. Once a goal has been reached, either a “Tap to Complete!” button or a “Set a New Goal” button will appear. 

What happens when my child reaches a goal? 

Another great question! Once your child has reached their goal, the option to create a new goal will be presented in the form of a button that says “Set a new Goal”. Once that button is selected, a pop-up will appear to confirm that you wish to either “Yes, Set a New Goal” or to “No, Go back”. Selecting “Yes, Set a New Goal” will take you to the goal creation page to be filled out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team through the in-app chat!