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How does the Refer a Friend Program work?

How does the Refer a Friend Program work?

Referring friends or family is easy! Share your referral code with your friends right from the app. Once your friend completes their referral steps, both of you will receive your rewards! 

Your friend must download the app and create their parent account using your code, create their child’s account and add funds to their Wallet. Then you both will be rewarded! Don’t forget to enter your referral code when prompted during sign up!

Note: Code is only available to new Mydoh users.

How much can I earn using Refer a Friend?

You can refer up to 16 friends or family members to earn up to a maximum of $400 per referral year*. The referral tiers will reset on June 1st of each year!

What are the referral tiers?

Tier 1 – You’ll earn $10 in your Mydoh Wallet for each of the first 2 referrals.
Tier 2 – Earn $20 for each of the next 4 referrals.
Tier 3 – Then you’ll earn $30 each for the next 10 referrals. 

Any friends or family members who use your referral code during sign up will earn $10 in their Mydoh Wallet when they complete the steps – sign up, create an account for their child and fund their Mydoh Wallet.

Can I withdraw the referral rewards funds?

Any money earned through Refer a Friend can not be withdrawn from your Mydoh Wallet for 30 days after you have received the funds. 

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