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Setting up Tasks and Allowance

What is the difference between an allowance and a task?

What is the difference between an allowance and a task?

Great question! The key difference between tasks and allowance is that the payout for a set allowance is not determined by your child’s completion of a task.

To be paid an allowance, the parent needs to simply set up their child’s allowance, and ensure they have adequate funds in their parent account in time for Pay Day on Saturday’s1.

To be paid for tasks, a child needs to complete the tasks that were set for them by their parents. The payment, and how many instances of the task should be completed in order to get paid are all determined by the parent when they set up tasks.

The payment of tasks do not rely on allowance, and the payment of allowance does not rely on tasks. They are completely independent of one another. Parents as always, have the option to set up tasks, allowance, or both!

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1.     To ensure you never miss a Pay Day, set up autoload today!