My Child’s Spending

Why was my child’s card declined?

Why was my child’s card declined?

If your child’s card has recently been declined, we are so sorry to hear that! There could be a few reasons why this may have happened. Please have a look below for more information:

Insufficient funds
If the item your child tried to purchase is more than their Smart Cash Card’s balance, some POS (Point of Sale) stations will decline the transaction. Other POS stations may show a pop up giving your child the option to bring their card’s balance to $0 and complete the payment with another method. The POS, not Mydoh, determines if the transaction is declined for not having enough funds for the item being purchased.‍

‍Locked Card 
‍If your child’s Smart Cash Card has been locked within the Mydoh app, the merchant will decline the transaction. To unlock the transaction, please login to your parent account, select ‘Manage Card’ below your child’s name, and unlock the card you would like to use, whether it be the physical card, the digital card, or both!

Merchant Restrictions
The Mydoh Smart Cash Card is set up to block various merchant category codes that are deemed inappropriate for youth, such as gambling and alcohol purchases. ‍Mydoh itself does not decide which merchants classify as inappropriate. Each merchant chooses their own identification codes, if the code that a merchant has chosen consists of a code that identifies as gambling/alcohol or other codes that are generally inappropriate for youth, the transaction will not go through. Mydoh is unable to change the code chosen by a merchant.

Spending Limits
There are a few limits to the number of transactions your child can make and how much they can spend within a given time. You can review your child’s Smart Cash Card limits here! If your child has reached their purchase limits, the transaction will decline. Purchase limits are reset every 24 hours.

If you have reviewed the above and your child’s card is still being declined, our deepest apologies, please contact our support team via the in-app chat and we would be happy to assist.