Savings Goal Calculator for Kids | Mydoh

Savings Goal Calculator for Kids

How can your kids buy the things they want? Our savings goal calculator takes into account kids' income, spending, and savings to show them how long it will take to reach their goal.


Mydoh's savings calculator takes less than five minutes! And at the end you'll get a personalized savings plan that shows you exactly how many weeks it will take to afford up to three things on your wishlist.

How does the savings calculator work?

Step 1. Set up to three savings goals (like a new top or a game console) and enter how much they cost.

Step 2. Add up all the money you've saved so far. This could be in your Mydoh wallet, under the mattress, or in an old-school piggy bank.

Step 3. Enter how much money you earn each week through an allowance, chores (like babysitting or cutting the lawn), or a part-time job. It all adds up.

Step 4. Calculate how much you spend each week to see how much is left over for your savings goals.

Step 5. Get your results. Don't worry, our savings goal calculator does all the math for you!